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Award Category

  1. Best Principal Award

  2. Best Vice Principal Award

  3. Best Administrative Officer Award

  4. Best Controller of Examination (COE) Award / Deputy COE Award

  5. Best Dean Award / Best Director Award

  6. Best HOD Award

  7. Best Placement Director Award / Best Placement Officer Award

  8. Best Young Principal Award

  9. Best Young Vice Principal Award

  10. Best Young Administrative Officer Award

  11. Best Young Controller of Examination (COE) Award / Deputy COE Award

  12. Best Young Dean Award / Director Award

  13. Best Young HOD Award

  14. Best Young Placement Director Award / Best Young Placement Officer Award

  15. Best Faculty Award

  16. Best Researcher Award

  17. Best Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Holder Award

  18. Best Research Grants Holder Award

  19. Best Open Source Learner Award

  20. Best Alumni Coordinator

  21. Best Young Faculty Award

  22. Best Young Researcher Award

  23. Best Young Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Holder Award

  24. Best Young Research Grants Holder Award

  25. Best Young Open Source Learner Award

  26. Best Innovative Teacher Award

  27. Best Project Award

  28. Best Research Paper Award

  29. Best Patent Award

  30. Best International Collaborator Award

  31. Best Research Grant Award

  32. Best Exam cell coordinator

  33. Best Societal Impact Award (Projects, CSR Activities)

  34. Best Student Award (PG/Research Scholars/UG)

  35. Best Placement Coordinator Award

  36. Best Industry - Institute Interaction Coordinator Award

  37. Best Book Author Award

  38. Best Edited Book Award

  39. Best Physical Director Award

  40. Best Librarian Award

  41. Best NSS Coordinator / Best NCC Coordinator

  42. Best Placement Trainer

  43. Best Motivational Speaker

  44. Best Start-up Award

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